Graham G Parker

My love of animals especially dogs goes back to my childhood. At the moment I have 2 gorgeous Cocker Spaniels which can been seen in various poses on the web site. I have grown up with various dogs and cats including Golden Retrievers, Beagles and Labradors but can honestly say that Cockers are the happiest if a little busy!

Over the past 10 years I have wanted to take professional photos and have been searching for a niche. I have dabbled in many forms including Landscape, Alphabet and Wedding Photography. All of which was very enjoyable but not exactly what I was looking for.  Then the inspiration came to me. Why not blend my two great loves together Animals and Photography. So The PET Photographer was born. 

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What people are saying about Graham G Parker. 

Some amazing pictures of my boys Harry and Frankie. It was a lovely relaxed atmosphere to work in and the end results are great. Professional, friendly and patient very pleased.
— Kelly Richards
Hi just to say loving your photographs of Syd and Stan ! last saw Syd as a very young pup not long after you got him and he has grown into a very handsome chap ! Cockers are my favourite of all dogs , I grew up with them and love them to bits, keep up the good work and very good luck for the future best wishes.
— Hilda Murray
A fantastic photographer, relaxed studio, highly recommended. We had a great time
— Marcus Powell
Thank you so much – they all look great. After much deliberation we have chosen two. We cannot decide between them so will let you chose and surprise us. Both show Henry’s character well so we will be very happy with either.
— Jenny Clark
Thank you very much for the pics, they are lovely. I hope the day was a success!
— Emma Pryer
Hi Graham. Thank you, the photos are fab.
— Kirsty Gray
Thank you, it was brilliant!
— Kelly Marie Schneider