Part Way Down --- Leaving

Leaving Auberge Le Soleil Bleu

I was awake early today about 6am. Normal time while away driving across Morocco. I was sleeping in my 110 after all!!!

It was dark and while getting my stuff together an eerie sound broke the cool dark silence. The locals were being called to prayers. I have heard this call on many occasions but this morning with it being dark, no-one else up and complete silence it was a very strange sound.

We were camped at Le Soleil Bleu an Auberge in Boumalne Dades, Morocco. It’s situated high above the town with great views over the River Dades. We were camping there and like so many things in Morocco the camp site was strange! Perfectly ok but we were camped in the car park of the Auberge. So I’m not a regular camper in fact have never camped before except a camper van in Australia for 3 weeks and that was completely different. But a car park! As the days went on this became the norm.

The owner of the Auberge opened up one of his 17 rooms for us to use for a shower and it was gratefully received. The room was very basic but clean with 2 beds a small piece of carpet, shower and a wc. Having these facilities to use was perfect after the last 2 camp sites with iffy! showers I certainly needed one.

The property had a wall around it, very traditional in Morocco so I decided this would be an idea place to get a shot of everyone leaving in the morning.


Car Park Camping

Car Park Camping

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Part Way Down --- Simon And Jack

Simon And Jack In Morocco

Working my way through the 450GB!!! worth of footage I brought back from Morocco I noticed that there was a reoccurring pattern. Jack and Simon seemed to get into a load of the footage! ;-)

There is a lot of the back to their 110 with me rabbiting on about something. But there is also some other fun shots that I thought I would put together in a short video for you.

Apart from us both owning a 110 we had other things in common, Beer, Rioja and Port which made meeting them even better. I had some great laughs with them and maybe……… we might go driving again!


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Part Way Down. ---The Big Time Debate!

Its been a while!

During the last few weeks i have been on an amazing adventure overloading to Morocco. As a stills photographer with no experience of taking, let alone editing videos. Here is a trial video for fun that I took on Sunday 28th Oct the day after the clocks went back in the UK. FCP X, my choice of video editor, is a big learning curve and hopefully over the next few weeks I will be editing and uploading some of the awesome footage that I captured along the way. Enjoy.

This video is about when Moroccan people decided not to turn their clocks back in Oct 2018. The Big Time Debate
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Wiltshire Armed Forces and Veterans Celebrations

There was a Rumble At The Park today in Trowbridge as the celebrations got underway with the arrival of some heavy duty Military vehicles. The star of the show was of course A Challenger 2.

At a point in proceedings I was a little concerned that it was trying to enter the multi storey car park. With a height limit of 2m it would have been a little tight!!!!!! 😃

There was no need to worry as the Army and Maryrose had everything under control. With a roar of the engines and a cloud of black smoke the mighty beast moved effortlessly into its position ready for the crowds to see all weekend.

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FAB Gloucester

Had a fantastic weekend at FAB Gloucester last weekend. The dogs were wonderful and the weather was great. Have a look below at some great action shots. If you would like to see more please visit my events site here.

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Wiltshire Armed Forces and Veterans Celebrations

Looking forward to shooting the veterans weekend in Trowbridge park. The weather is great and lots of vendors are arriving and setting up. One early bird!!! was an awesome site of A Spitfire arriving. Was a bit surprised to see what was towing it. It is a non flying version but the engine will be started over the weekend and it will be fantastic to hear the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine roar.  Arriving later today is A Challenger 2 and a AS90 will be great to see them rumbling through the streets of Trowbridge. 


Busy Weekend At Bowood

Spent all weekend at Bowood amongst other things shooting for Dusty Ape, at Toby Bucklands Garden Festival. Dusty Ape were using a Poda which is a double story covered platform to use at outside events.

In my opinion the one that stole the show for me was the 1967 Routemaster that had been converted in to a bar. And the Beer was exceptionally good. Cheers guys.

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Dog Agility Event

Over the past few week I have done some shooting at various events and most of them have been Triathlons. 

Last weekend I went to the Shaftesbury and Gillingham Show ground where there was a FAB Agility show going on. I've had a bit of practice with my boys so was ready for the off at 08:30.

One thing I wasn't ready for was the skill level and speed of some of the dogs, they were amazing and didn't really need to be told any directions by their handlers they just seemed to know.

Here are a few shots from the day. If you would like to see more click on Event Photography


I'm Having A Hair Day

Long Take Off

How Exciting Is This

My First Column

It came today and with great haste I ripped open the bag to reveal the latest edition of N Photo. Quickly turning to page 99 there it was My First Column. Of course I didn't need to read it as I wrote it!! So instead I passed it around to anyone who was interested and some that weren't !

All across the country fans have been fighting to get to the news stands to get their copy of N Photo. Ok so they may not have been. But one young person was caught on camera checking to see if it was true!!!!!!

Check in next month for the next instalment. 

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Corporate Shooting

Yesterday afternoon/evening I went to shoot at Dusty Ape coffee roasters who were having an event at their roastery. My direction is to shoot some new shots for their website and promotional material. I am very pleased with the shots that I came away with and am looking forward to going back to get some more.

Thank you to Phill and Evan for putting on a great event. Also thanks to James from Sanremo who were there displaying and demonstrating 2 of their coffee machines and keeping me supplied with double espresso's throughout the day. Great food and of course great coffee.

One of the many great shots I took.

One of the many great shots I took.


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Action Shots

Took the boys out today to practice some shots balancing ambient and flash. I still need more practice with the ambient bit but got the flash bit sorted and got some great shots of them in action. Hopefully I will be able to use this knowledge at Dog Agility as there is a party soon with lots of dogs.

The biggest trick was to get Stanley to wait until I was ready before he started running!

Stanley Leading

The second photo is Sydney taking the lead and flying over the jump.

Sydney Leading

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Fluffy Oscar

Lookin very regal like a senior old man. Oscar is a lovely X Poodle and Golden Retriever with a very lovely nature and very obedient. 

Photographing a light dog on a white background is a bit tricky but I think I got it in this photograph.  

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Kenya Day 9

Today Kiriu and I decided to go to Nakuru National Park. How funny it was as we drove through the park past impala giraffe and zebra not even batting an eyelid. This photo not the best in the world but sums up the fantastic places I have been with three different types of animals in one shot.

This park was very very dry and dusty with very few watering holes. I did get to see some Rhinos unfortunately they were a long way away and there was know way we could get close to them. But even from such a distance I could tell that they were huge.

Here is a edited photo of a gorgeous Zebra. I'm liking the effect of black and white so will be doing some more when I have time to go through the few thousand photos that I have taken!!

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Devoted To You

All of our pets are devoted to us and give unconditional love.

I think this photograph sums it up perfectly.

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