Testing Elinchrom D-LiTE RX 4/4 Lights

Last night I thought I better put the new D-LiTE RX 4/4 through its paces. I have never set up these lights before and after literally 1 minuite the first light was set up to f5.6. Using the EL-Skyport Transmitter I sat in the postion that my models were going to sit in and pressed test and the flash fired recorded with my new Sekonic L-308S and adjusted with my light output with EL-Skyport Transmitter all with out leaving my seat. I could adjust the output of the light by 1/10th at a time. Then adjusted the second light the same way so the both lights were outputting the same f5.6. So easy!! Now ready to shoot. So I got my models ready, well I got them to sit on the sofa anyway and started to shoot. The results were very good if not exceptional as you can see here  Here is the first shot straight out of the camera of my boy Stanley.

Cocker Spaniel Black Stanley

My models were very well behaved and are looking forward to their trip to the studio for a real shoot. 


The PET Photographer. 

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