Moved in to The Studio (at last!!)

So huge excitement today as this afternoon I moved a load of kit into The Studio.

Main job of the day was to iron out any niggles and problems that may crop up before real customers come in. I did find a couple but should be able to sort them by this weekend with some steel bar!! Need to rig up my own backdrop bar as the stand and bar I have is just to wide fully extended and just to short with one section removed. With the heavy duty stands I have they set the beginning of the bar to far off the wall due to the size of foot print. Still very glad I have them as the stands will save me buying another pair for some more lights I have.

On with the photo testing. The new Elinchrom D-Lites @ElinchromLTD I have are so easy to adjust and even put them into speed mode so that I could up my shutter speed to 1/250 and managed to reduce the aperture to 2.8 so created a short depth of field which was very pleasing and just right for some of the other shots I have in mind to take. See photograph below.

1/250 f2.8 Studio Shot

Also had a very cool Chaise delivered today and it was just perfect from Tiger Furniture Company check out their stuff its really different and has the look. Very pleased with how it looked against my new brick back drop which you can see below. All I am waiting for now is the white vinyl backdrop which should be here by the weekend and I'll be up and running.

Will post up more tests in a couple of days and then there will be some pets!!! Yes thats rights Pets!


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