Kenya Day 1

Good timing made on M4, No traffic well it was 03:00am!!!!

Arrived at 04:00am gates not open yet. I hoped it won’t be long as its boring not being on airside. Moved over to another desk and it almost opened immediately. It was now 04:30am.

Said goodbye to my checked baggage and wondered if I would see them again! I always wonder this and as yet have never lost a bag. But I am sure there will be a first time! Straight through security and wasn’t stopped at all. That was a first for a long time.Stopped for a coffee in a place that I wouldn’t normally been seen dead in. Can’t even mention the name here and needless to say it was the worst espresso I have had for many a year.

Boarded KLM 1000 for Amsterdam. 

The flight to Amsterdam was only 45 mins and then we landed at Schiphol int airport. We then spent a age taxiing to the gate for what seamed like forever. We even went over bridges that had motorways canals and dykes running under them.Then it was a long walk to the other side of the airport to get to gate FO 9. I did think the Dutch were trying to tell me something!!!!I had an hour to get to the gate so plenty of time and didn't need to rush. 


Found gate 9 and went over to the window to check out the aircraft that I was travelling on. The gleaming blue and white KLM 747 was sitting there waiting for me. I haven’t been on a 747 before and was looking forward to getting inside and seeing the staircase. Yea ok I know its sad but I’ve always wanted to go on one. Now I only have the Airbus A30 to tick off the list.

The flight was uneventful food good a bit more cramped on the width than I expected. Later on in the flight when I went for a wander round I timed it just right as we just flew over the coast of Libia first part of Africa. Kenya here I come. The rest of the journey was a bit boring Beer, Breakfast and beauties! 

Landed at Jomo Kenyatta International airport and taxied to the gate. Took a bit of time to hook up but when we did gathered all my kit and was met by a warm blast of air coming in from the open door. Yay Gooood Evening Kenya!. Down the stairs and over the tarmac to a waiting bus.In to security and passport control £30 for a visa lots of questions and had finger prints taken but all was good had the girl officers were smiling lots as we went through the procedures. Collected bags, so this isn’t the first!!, and went through to customs. Yep here we go I was pulled over for a bag search. I think the guy just wanted to see my Peli case as he hadn’t seen one before as he didn’t search it very throughly.

Got through to outside and met our driver Tony who took us to the Apartment. Didn’t really get a feel for Kenya as it was dark and I could have been in a number of hot countries. 16 hours 2 cars 2 planes and I arrived at the apartment. It must be beer-oclock!

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