Kenya Day 2

Avid followers of this blog may be wondering why there is a delay in-between day 1 and day 2. Hey its Africa!!!!

Started early with breakfast at a local coffee shop Java House. A double espresso Big Breakfast and a large mug of Tea I was set up for the day. Some cash from a bank and  shopping was needed. Some batteries, water and some malaria tablets I was ready to explore Kenya.

I have arrived!!! Heading out on Ngong road the road to Karen this is it this is exactly how I imagined Kenya to be. Along each side of the road were people and stalls selling everything from fruit, lawnmowers, sofas, hand made wooden furniture to Guys walking along the middle of the road with hand carts carrying large plastic drums of who knows what

I was heading for Karen and needed to go to a bank and a phone shop. Security is seen to be tight every where you go in Kenya. I say seen to be as the searches are a little bit iffy and the security guards at the shopping malls are mostly kids. I go into the mall the bag search and through the metal detector didn’t have any hitches. Found the correct bank and more security with a guy that lets you in through first door into a corridor and then lets you through the second after the first has closed. Business done in the bank and off to the phone shop. I mooched around the shop for a short while then decided to go out of shop and wait in the mall looking in a few other shop windows. While I was standing waiting out side the phone shop I noticed that the security guys at the entrance to the phone shop, did i mention that there were security guards inside the mall at the phone shop to!!!!, were watching me and talking to each other about me. No idea what they were saying but I was centre of there attention. After a few minutes a couple of soldiers turned up and chatted with the guards and then pretended to be interested in some phones. It was quite funny in a way because they were clearly there to check me out and while the young child looking one went to behind me and sat on one of the benches the older one looked at some phones and did a bether job of keeping an eye on me without me knowing!!!!! With that excitement over it had to be beer-o’clock!

Arrived at Dari which is an extremely beautiful restaurant in lush green grounds. Through security to get in and park car. Yes more security.

Found a table out side and sat soaking up the atmosphere and the cold beer. A few! beers later i was well and truly introduced to the local beer Tusker. Took a few shots of the magnificent peacock that was wandering around the grounds and then it was time to go and hunt some animals to shoot which was the main interest of mine when I found out I got the wedding gig here in Kenya. We went to a Giraffe sanctuary where there was a beautiful old manor house that wouldn’t look out of place in the UK , that took guests and vast grounds that had 18 or so giraffes majestically gliding around. They all had names and were there for a variety of reasons, injury, orphan and from the breading program. One called Kelly took a real liking to me, I think it was because I had food though!

My stay was short at the sanctuary because we did have work to do. So now we were off to the Cathedral to meet the bride and groom for the run through of the wedding and check on timings and all photographic related business. All the main participants were there at the Cathedral including the direct family and not so direct family, brides maids and ushers. About 30 in all and this was only the practice! An hour or so later all done and we were sorted for Saturday. Back to the apartment for food , beer and bed.

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