Kenya Day 3

Today has been quite different. Have met 2 separate people who were ½ hour and 1 hour late. Have been to various places to get on the internet and had no joy. Its now approx 19:00 hrs and have just got on.


Today started the same as yesterday except a bit earlier out to Java House for breakfast and found out that it didn’t open until 07:00 but they were quite happy for me to use internet and served me a double espresso while they were setting up. Just like home!!!!  

After breakfast it was off to visit a Kenyan family and collect Kiriu (pronounced Ke Ray You) or Edwin he was happy being called either his name or christian name who was going to be our driver for the day. It was a great pleasure meeting Kiriu and his family Teresa and Francis. I didn’t get to know their traditional names. More about the naming procedure later. Everyone was so welcoming and treated like one of the family within moments of arriving. When Kiriu was eventually ready!!!! he takes a bit of time, which is typical Kenyan. They have taken manyana to a whole different level!!

Today we were off to 14 Falls and as the name suggests  yes its a water fall with 14 drops all together. The journey there was completely mad and hairy but great fun. In Kenya the rules of the road are no one gives way to any one and every one pulls out wether the coast is clear or not. The main objective is avoidance driving!!!! As we were driving… I was doing some drive by shooting. There was some amazing scenery on the way some good and some bad but all very interesting. The slums were a real eye opener and I had a great urge to stop and just walk around but was told by Kiriu that I wasn’t going to do that under any circumstances even he wouldn’t like walking around them and he is a big guy.

When we arrived at 14 Falls we paid the entrance fee, which there were 2 tiers. One for locals and one for “musungo” spelling could be wrong. Anyway I am obviously in the musungo tier and its 5 times as much as the locals and there was also a camera charge. All of which I was completely happy with so we paid up and drove in bouncing along the mud track in our hire car to the falls. My truck would be very much at home here. On getting to the falls we were greeted by a few guys all wanting to be our tour guides. I had a chat with one of them and we agreed that I would find my own way.

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