Kenya Day 4 part 2

After the elephant orphanage which was the high light of the trip so far. Kiriu drove home and we carried on the the Dgong hills. Driving up very dusty pot holed roads the scenery was barren and beautiful. Stopping on the side of the road we got out and wandered around choosing positions to shoot from. A few munites past and a pick-up truck pulled up and 6 guys got out and started to walk over towards me. The first words one of them uttered in a slightly stern voice was “what are you doing taking photos of my country”. We were in Masi territory!  Then another pick-up arrived and another 6 guys jumped out and came over. One carrying a base-ball bat looking club over his shoulder. There was 2 ways this was going to end and one I didn’t want to think about. So its charm time with a bit of condescending sarcasm chucked in. And it worked within munites me and James, he was the first guy to speak, were best mates!!!! They were extremely interested in my new Nikon D7100 and I’m sure wanted to have a closer look. Well that wasn’t going to happen to I just carried on laughing and joking with them and they soon forgot about it. I’m sure they were thinking that they had come across a mad Musungo.A lot of the guys had streched lobes and were clearly Masi. They weren’t dressed in traditional dress but some did have on red robes draped over their shoulders. I really wanted to take some photos of them but knew it would cost a lot and would draw interested in my D7100 again. We needed to get on with our journey and if we didn’t go would end up being there for a few hours. Saying our goodbyes and hand shakes all round we got in the car and left.

We drove on for a bit more and came across a Massi settlement. They are still nomads but do have some permanent villages. Again I would have loved to walk through the village but would have taken a couple of hours just to walk the half mile long village as a Musungo would have stuck out like a sore thumb and also I probably didn’t have enough money!!!!!

Time was getting on and we wanted to get a few sunset photographs. Knowing I was coming to Kenya I had in my mind a few shots I wanted to get and a specific sunset was high on the list. Possibly with an elephant and acacia tree silhouette in the fore ground! Maybe not today. We got to the area we wanted to shoot the sunset from in plenty of time after driving back along the road we had just driven. After parking up in as far as I was concerned in the middle of nowhere. Within a couple of munites I could sense we were being watched! and we were. A couple of boys came out from the bush and came and silently sat with us. As I moved to different positions to get ready for shootingg the silently followed and sat with me again. I knew exactly what they wanted as they were caring some traditional hand made bracelets that they were hoping to sell. I started to strike up a conversation and they replied extremely quietly so I really had to concentrate on what they were saying. As they weren’t pushy in trying to sell there goods and were very quiet I decided that I would purchase a couple of there bands. I asked the price and and was told 100 shillings which I though was ok. Far more than it cost but hey they have to make a profit. I added a couple of hundred shillings and agreed that I could take their photo.

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