Kenya Day 4

At the end of day 3 instead of going back to the apartment Teresa invited us to say over as we were going off in the morning with Kiriu to a place I was really excited to go to.

One thing I have found out about the Kenyan people is they don’t rush to get ready and go out!!!! Woke up early and had breakfast of toast and great jam. Asked if they had any T bags and told the house girl that I would make it. As I proceeded to do so she was laughing at me because she thought it was a strange way to make it. Just so you guys know I make it in a standard way boiling water and throw the bag in. Wait a bit and then put in a small amount of milk and sugar. So I had to ask how do you make it and was told that it was made in a similar way to a Latte with a tiny amount of water! Ummm not for me :-) 

Eventually Kiriu got up and started to get ready for our destination that we had to get to by 11:00am. When he was eventually ready we found that one of the tyres was completely flat. Kiriu looked for the jack and wheel brace all he could find was a broken jack and no brace. I could see he was struggling so I thought I better step in and help him out. I raided Teresa’s car for the bits we needed and managed to jack up the car and change the wheel. Off to the local garage to get the tyre fixed which the garage guy did straight away. No high tech kit here!! the tools he was using reminded me of when I was a kid and helping my old man and the kit was very similar.

At last we were on our way and got to The Elephant Orphanage dead on 11:00am. The reason why we had to get there on time was because they bring the 30 elephants out for feeding for an hour so that tourists can see and learn about them but not let the babies get to used to human contact because the plan is to reintroduce them to the willd at a later date. My cousins son Alex has worked as a keeper in Thailand working with elephants and just watching and taking loads of photographs of these awesome creatures I can understand why he loved it so much. The keepers brought them out in 2 batches with the little ones first. I couldn’t believe that elephants could be cute! but they were!

Babys going home

I was very pleased with the shots I got at the Elephant Orphanage. I can't wait to see the bigger versions in the wild. If I get a chance to go out into the bush. Here are some of my first picks. I hope you enjoy. 

Here they come!


This was one of the more mature ones on the way home and he stopped to give me a fantastic farewell pose.


I could have stayed all day at the orphanage if allowed but there was more to see as we were going up to the Ngong Hills.

Time is not on my side for this bit so will have to post a Kenya Day 4 part 2. 

Just a teaser

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