Kenya Day 7

Arrived home at about 10:00am after a day of constant shooting. It was an amazing day and everyone welcomed me as a member of their family even though I was well you know and I was an employee. During the day there was a couple of short periods where I was able to get some water while waiting for the next part of the event to happen. On these occasions I was approached by two separate people who wanted me to shoot them in a portrait session. One was a cool Rock Chic lead singer of the band that was playing at the wedding. So not wanting to waste time we did a quick portrait session there and then. She seamed pleased and will cll me when I'm next over. I will of course be sending the photos over to her from this sample session. The other one which could be equally as useful was a business woman in the cafe next to the Cathedral who wanted a portrait and some corporate shots. Shot her where she sat as a sample and will be sending hers to.

Day 7 was another busy one with an engagement session and a family portrait session. Bith of which were postponed to a later time!!!! Had a fantastic lunch with the Bride and Groom to be and after we went around the beautiful grounds of the hotel/restaurant for about 1½ hours shooting for their engagement session.

Once that was finished off we went to the family portrait session and that was a quick easy one. One hour later we were off back to the apartment for a cold Tusker (beer)

Of course there was lots of drive by shooting done as we drove from venue to venue. Below is a snap shot of a not so bad slum area. The diversity in this country is huge. 

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